I call it the whirlpool effect.

Amey Karhade
2 min readNov 19, 2020

I have been writing about things lately which I definitely enjoy. I feel amazing when thoughts flow through me smoothly and I can relate to those little realizations that hit me. I feel like I am discovering something new about myself. It’s easy to just get lost in those thoughts and forget what’s around. So I better stop!

After writing yesterday’s blog I was thrilled because I had some more thoughts that I wanted to share with you all. I was thinking about it all day. Now, This is not a new thing but I am the kind of person who ignores everything else when I am in the process of something. Not the thoughts but this 30-Day challenge. This even happened during my Youtube challenge. Since I was doing the challenge I ignored everything else. Especially the Instagram videos, Which are a very important part of my creative venture.

I really felt bad about the whole imbalance I had created. For a creator, That balance is something which is most necessary. If I can’t maintain the balance then what’s even the point of learning new things?

I mean I am going to continue writing these blogs and finish the challenge. I will write about the same topics which I love and hope you all do too. But this realization of imbalance really hit me hard and I thought I should share it with you all.

The reason I called it the whirlpool effect was, After some time of doing something it’s very difficult to maintain balance. There is this invisible force that pulls you in more and more. It’s not a bad thing going into depth of something, but don’t just let go of the other things that brought you here in the first place. Hold on to them!

Think about it once! Find the balance. This was day 19 of the 30-Day Challenge. I hope you all got the point I was trying to make. See you all tomorrow!

DAY (19/30)